What kind of Couple Are You?

From the moment you both started falling in love, you started to redefine your definition of “us” by the way you lived. Now that you’re about to take the leap to live happily ever after, read on for a guide to picking out a bridal registry that is as sympatico as you two.

  • 1. Your ideal honeymoon would be? Answer:
    An African Safari
  • 2. If you could have a celebrity chef prepare your wedding food it would be... Answer:
    Daniel Boulud
    Giada De Laurentiis
    Marcus Samuelsson
    Anthony Bourdain
  • 3. Your dream house is: Answer:
    A duplex penthouse
    A traditional colonial home
    An eco-friendly Pre-Fab
    A Tree House
  • 4. You both knew you were a match when... Answer:
    You both had season tickets to the opera or ballet
    You found out you both root for the same baseball team
    Your kitschy Bon Jovi karaoke duet was a smash
    You compared your collections of old boarding passes
  • 5. If you had unlimited space you'd love to store more: Answer:
    Beloved antiques handed down by your relatives
    Art and design supplies
    Cycling gear!
  • 6. Your ideal romantic night at home... Answer:
    Includes a feast bought at the local charcuterie
    Is a feast cooked together
    Has nothing to do with food
    Is a hibachi dinner in the backyard with fish you caught that day
  • 7. If you were both a TV channel, you would be: Answer:
    The Sundance Channel
    The National Geographic Channel
  • 8. If you were both a car, you would be: Answer:
    A Porsche 911
    A Volvo
    A Fiat
    A Jeep
  • 9. You have a quiet weekend ahead, the TV series you're most likely to binge-watch together would be... Answer:
    Mad Men
    Law & Order
    Battlestar Galactica
  • 10. When you go to someone's home for dinner, you bring: Answer:
    A bottle of Rosé
    Your amazing home-baked cookies
    Artisanal tequila
    Authentic biltong from your last safari trip
  • 11. The couple that _________ together stays together. Answer: