Your Favorite Wedding Dresses of 2012

The single strap and intricate lace of this Anna Maier gown is, in your words, "Stunning!"
Dan & Corina Lecca, Anna Maier, Collection 38

Our readers are certainly very opinionated—it’s a good thing!

You always let us know exactly what you think about the wedding dresses we share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and we’ve learned a lot about what you love.

This year you told us you don’t want a wedding dress that’s overly sexy, but you also don’t want to be “frumpy.” In general, you’re sick of the strapless dress trend, but you were willing to overlook it for a few outstanding dresses. And you love something that pops—you want an unexpected design element, color or intricate back to create a wow factor when you walk down the aisle.

Here’s a round up of the top 21 wedding dresses from 2012, based on your feedback throughout the year.

1. Asymmetric Lace from Anna Maier

When we posted the back of this asymmetric lace Anna Maier dress on Facebook, your response was a unanimous “Stunning!” One fashionable reader commented that the dress would look great with evening gloves. See the front of this dress here.

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