What Lies Beneath

Wedding Underwear Solutions

What to wear under the most popular – but trickiest – new wedding dress styles.

Today’s wedding gowns are fabulous and fashion-forward, featuring a wide variety of details, trends and silhouettes that will satisfy any bride. As styles have made their way from the runway to the aisle, a new era of underwear needs has emerged. So whether your dress is cut down-to-there, clings in all the right places or could benefit from a little boost, we’ve taken all the hard work out of a trip to the lingerie department. Read on for answers to the time-old question – what do I wear under my dress?


Illusion necklines and mesh inserts have made way for entire bodices featuring delicate beading and embroidery on sheer panels. We’re all for showing a little skin, but it should be your skin, not the color of your bra. Avoid any visible straps, bands, cups or clasps with adhesive nipple concealers from Commando. Choose between disposable Low Beams – wafer-thin and featuring medical-grade adhesive – and reusable Top Hats – silicone disks that can be washed and worn again – for just enough coverage without the fabric or straps of a standard bra.


The body-conscious dress is both a blessing and a curse. It flaunts what you’ve got, draping and clinging to show off your well-earned curves. But it also flaunts absolutely anything you’ve chosen to wear underneath it. Avoid VPLs – visible panty lines – with the help of the Slimplicity Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit from Spanx. The low-cut front allows you to wear whichever bra you’d like, while the mid-thigh length means you’ll be slim and lean from your shoulders to your knees. Just remember to wear both your chosen bra and the Spanx during your fittings to ensure that everything lines up and fits nicely.


Fit-and-flare styles hug your curves and transition into a flowing skirt just below your bottom. Make this hyper-flattering va-va-voom style work for you with the help of Spanx’s Slimplicity Booty-Booster Short. These high-waisted shorts both flatten and smooth your stomach and waist and feature high-tech seaming and removable “butt-lets”, or inserts, to give your derriere some extra oomph. Whether you go for a little lift or a real boost from the butt-lets, be sure to wear these shorts to your fitting to make sure everything zips and buttons properly.

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