Wedding Gown 101

Soft Fabrics:

  • Charmeuse - Slippery silk charmeuse, while extremely unforgiving (everything shows underneath), is elegant and sophisticated. Typically bias-cut and perfect for a super-fit and daring bride. We recommend: great for evening weddings; undergarments can be a challenge; snags easily.
  • Chiffon - Light and airy, sheer chiffon makes ideal romantic dresses for warm weather weddings. Crinkled and textured chiffon are interesting, new treatments. Chiffon is the ideal fabric for transparent sleeves, yokes and light layering. We recommend: a great choice for a destination or warm weather wedding; undergarments need to be carefully considered.
  • Georgette - Sheer and slightly heavier than chiffon with a dry, crepe-like texture. Silk georgette is floaty and can be an amazing choice for a sophisticated evening wedding. We recommend: great in warmer weather; timeless.
  • Jersey - The ultimate fabric for a body-conscious bride. Completely form fitting, this fabric leaves nothing to the imagination. Double jerseys work best and provide for proper undergarments. We recommend: the ideal fabric for travel to a destination wedding; also works year-round.
  • Lace - There are many types of lace used for wedding gowns and trimmings: Alencon, Battenburg, Chantilly, Giupure, and Venice to name a few. Lace is a fragile, openwork fabric, is centuries old and is the ultimate wedding-day material. No other fabric says 'bride' quite like lace. We recommend: for the truly romantic; perfect for a full-on gown, details and accessories; seasonless.
  • Silk crepe - Chic and timeless. Silk crepe elegantly skims the body and can be worn day or night. We recommend: extremely versatile; works year-round.
  • Tulle - While it instantly conjures up a ballerina moment, soft silk tulles that drape can also be extremely romantic and perfect for a summer wedding and look nothing like a Swan Lake costume. Classic tulle ball gowns are pure fantasy in full or tea-lengths. Tulle is the classic fabric for veiling. We recommend: very versatile; super delicate.
  • Velvet - Velvets can be very liquid or stiffer. Softer velvets make great bias column gowns, while more structured velvet is best left for trims. Burnout velvets, where part of the patterned portion is literally 'burned out' and left sheer have a sexy, bohemian feel. We recommend: can work beautifully on a beach, contradictory to its traditional use.

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