Wedding Gown 101

What do you need to know before you shop for your wedding dress? Brush up on the basics.

So, you've got the ring and cannot wait to start shopping for your dress. This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Before you do anything, and we mean anything at all, read on to get a grasp on the basics. Then, you'll be on your way to making all the right choices for you.

First things first: THE FABRIC

Before you embark on the most exciting shopping spree ever, you must decide on your wedding date. The month and season of your wedding will help you select the correct fabric for your dress (a key element here). For example, do you need a heavier fabric for a cooler month? Or do you need a light, breathable fabric that's better in warmer weather?

Then, consider your venue. A formal setting in the evening means you'll need a traditional or dramatic gown, perhaps in a classic duchess satin or silk radzimir. A beach or garden wedding can inspire you to go for something soft and weightless. This is an important consideration because the right fabric can determine your level of comfort on the big day and can make or break your wedding look.

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