Something Old

Vintage-Inspired Platinum Engagement Rings

Whether it’s an antique piece or inspired by a bygone era, a platinum engagement ring is the ideal “something old”.

Vintage style is all the rage these days, from Gatsby-inspired wedding gowns to receptions decorated with antique furniture and lit with crystal chandeliers. More than any of these details, vintage or vintage-style engagement rings have caught the eyes of brides everywhere. After all, why not choose a ring whose style will stand the test of time? And for a ring that lasts as long as the love it represents, there’s no better choice than an engagement ring made of platinum.

Stars are also embracing the vintage trend. Platinum Guild International has rounded up rings inspired by Scarlett Johansson, Behati Prinsloo, Jessica Biel and Emily Blunt, as well as a few other vintage-inspired styles that will look absolutely dazzling on your left hand. 

Vintage is really a catch-all term. It refers to rings that are over 50 years old, as well as rings whose style mimics that of a bygone era. Vintage rings often include intricate detail aspects – anything from scrollwork and milgrain details to filigree or geometric Art Deco touches. Platinum is incredibly dense and durable – but also malleable and ductile – which means platinum rings can feature unique intricacies that will stand up to daily wear for years to come.

While white diamonds are the most popular center stone today, rings from the past often featured colored stones. Whether it’s your birthstone or another stone that holds a special place in your heart, a vintage (or vintage-style) ring featuring a beautiful colored stone is both on-trend and incredibly meaningful.

Because of the nature of platinum, it is the ideal metal for a ring that you’re hoping to pass on as a family heirloom. Platinum’s natural white color won’t fade or change over time and, unlike white gold, platinum is highly durable so it won’t need to be reinforced or reshanked as the metal wears. To keep it in top form, clean your platinum jewelry with a mild solution of soap and warm water, and store pieces separately in a jewelry box or chamois bag. It’s as easy as that!


--Jaimie Schoen

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