Tickled Pink

24 Gorgeous Rose Gold Engagement Rings

While white gold, yellow gold and platinum are more traditional choices when it comes to engagement rings, we just can’t get over the soft warmth and unique feel of a rose gold ring. The pinkish hue is a beautiful base for both classic and modern ring designs, and an unexpected metal is a fantastic way to make an engagement ring a little bit more personal.

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, most often a combination of 75% 18 karat gold and 25% copper, by weight. More copper means the gold will be more red, while less copper results in a more yellow hue. By definition, there’s no such thing as “pure” rose gold, so keep an eye out as you’re shopping.

We love the way rose gold plays into different ring designs. For a vintage style, rose gold imparts a warmth and patina that makes a ring look like it has been passed down for generations. Traditional settings get a playful update in pink, especially when set with colored stones instead of the expected diamond.

No matter your style, if you’re looking for a hint of color to represent your love, maybe it’s time to think pink!


-- Jaimie Schoen

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