The Shaklee 180 Diet

Turn Your Body Around

Let Shaklee 180 help you turn your dieting around for good.

The world is full of diets, from low-carb to no sugars to liquid, but many leave you tired and hungry, losing “pounds” of water weight but with no real difference in how you look and feel. Many involve “miracle pills” or other unnatural products that promise fast results but aren’t sustainable long-term. That’s where Shaklee and the Shaklee 180 comprehensive weight loss program come in.

Shaklee, the number one natural-nutrition company in the United States, has developed the two-part Shaklee 180 program to help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off, setting you up for a lifestyle that will keep you looking and feeling your best for years to come. The program focuses on a sustainable way to lose weight, putting the emphasis on being healthy and losing the right kind of weight – fat, not muscle. The shakes and bars feature protein, fiber and a special amino acid called Leucine to keep you full, giving your body energy to burn without gaining weight.

We spoke to Dr. Jamie McManus, who leads Shaklee’s clinical research and helps develop new products. She gave us the inside scoop on what makes Shaklee 180 different from any other diet you’ve tried.

What makes Shaklee180 different from other meal replacement diet programs?

Our Shaklee 180 program is based on interesting scientific insight behind why most diets fail—and that is the feast & famine response. We are, as humans, programmed to hold onto our body fat in times of “famine” as well as selectively store fat in response to “feast” scenarios. Well, this was protective and associated with survival when there truly were feast and famine scenarios. But, in today’s world in the US, we have plenty of food. BUT, when we reduce calories to lose weight, the body senses “famine” and turns on mechanisms to protect fat and sacrifice lean muscle mass. Since muscle mass determines our metabolism, loss of muscle mass means you burn less calories per day, so you will lose weight, but at the expense of muscle. You will lose about 50% fat and 50% muscle. Eventually, your weight loss slows down, you get frustrated and fall back to your old habits and pack those lost pounds back on—but you don’t regain it as muscle but rather ALL as fat! So, we developed our Leucine-enhanced program to solve this dilemma. 

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