Serious Sparkle

12 Show-Stopping Statement Necklaces

Earrings may be the go-to bridal accessory (aside from your engagement ring and wedding band, of course), but more modern wedding dress designs call for something with serious sparkle. Enter the statement necklace.

Crystals, beads, chains and pearls combine for a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will stop your guests in their tracks. Skip the delicate charm necklace or statement earrings and instead go big – we dare you!

Statement necklaces work best with gowns with simple, open necklines – either a sweetheart or straight-across neckline. They look amazing with strapless silhouettes, but can also work with wedding dresses that have wider-set straps. Be careful with v-necks or higher necklines, as well as gowns with more complicated or embellished necks, as the gown and necklace will be competing instead of working together.

If you’re going for a gown with serious sparkle, you may want a necklace that’s a little more simple or monochromatic. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen a gown that’s fairly simple or has detailing in the fabric but is not embellished, we say go big!

For the bride who’s looking for a more classic ceremony look, leave your necklace in your purse, then put it on just before you enter the reception. It’s a great way to create a brand new bridal look without changing your dress. You can add some fun and personality while still keeping your portraits chic and timeless.

And now, more than ever, is the time to listen to Coco Chanel’s advice to take a piece of jewelry off before you walk out the door. If you’re wearing a big, bold necklace, keep the earrings small and dainty. Studs, pearls, or small plain hoops are a great choice that will complement your necklace instead of fighting with it.

Whether you go metallic with silver and gold, add shine with pearls or use a statement necklace to add crazy color to your wedding ensemble, we couldn’t be more excited about using a statement necklace as your bridal outfit’s finishing touch.


--Jaimie Schoen

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