Sonia’s Master Class: Week Three

Eye-Do: Brows + Color + Lashes

The makeup must-have: Kashuk’s Spoolie for brow perfection.
Photography by Jennifer Cooper

Makeup Artist Extraordinaire, Sonia Kashuk, gives Colin Cowie Weddings an exclusive tutorial on how to create your ideal wedding day makeup. This week Sonia gives us the low-down for spectacular brows, lids and lashes.

Flawless face? Check. Pretty cheeks? Check. We’re looking pretty good and feeling like a pro. But hang on because Sonia still has more tricks up her sleeve.


Eyebrows are the most important aspect of framing the face. “Start by brushing the brows upward with a Spoolie, moving the hairs into a desired shape,” Kashuk advises. “Using either my Arch Alert Brow Kit or Brow Definer Pencil, depending on the preferred texture, fill in the eyebrows by applying product in light, feather-like strokes that mimic the aesthetic of hair. Next, use the Spoolie to comb through eyebrows with short strokes to buff out lines.”

Give brows depth with a medium pencil.

Photography by Jennifer Cooper

Since brow products are creams or waxes, the buffing will blur harsh lines and prevent eyebrows from looking drawn on. You can also use powder, but be sure to keep application light and airy. “Be careful when choosing an eyebrow fill color--when brows are too dark they overly define the eye,” Kashuk warns. “My Brow Definer in Tauped is a shade that looks great on 80% of women--blonds and brunettes alike. After filling in the brows, use my Brow Gel to set the brows and keep every hair in place.”

Set every little hair with Kashuk’s clear Brow Gel.

Photography by Jennifer Cooper

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