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Wearing Stockings on Your Wedding Day

Stockings aren’t a part of many women’s everyday underwear wardrobes, but we think they should be.

There’s just something about stockings. They’re sexy and feminine, and a high-quality pair – combined with a gorgeous garter belt or girdle – can transform a woman’s attitude and her look. But while stockings have maintained a presence in the lingerie market, they’re not as common outside of the bedroom as they used to be. After seeing the gorgeous stockings on display at this year’s Lingerie Fashion Week, we think it’s high time stockings made their way from the honeymoon to the wedding day itself.

We spoke with the experts at Secrets in Lace, who are using vintage techniques to make high-quality stockings that are feminine and elegant. Secrets in Lace specializes in Full Fashion Stockings, which are manufactured on the same machines used in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These stockings feature that signature, sexy seam, as they’re woven flat and sewn together to fit around the leg. The stockings are made with 100% nylon, making them super sheer and super flattering. Secrets in Lace also produces stockings with Dita Von Teese, which she wears everyday. The stockings feature hand-sewn backseams and Dita’s trademark logo. 

The experts at Secrets in Lace answered all of our questions about why and how to wear stockings for your wedding day and beyond.

Why should a bride wear stockings instead of pantyhose or other tights?

Stockings are the ultimate expression of femininity. More than just legwear, they have an aesthetic that is nostalgic and romantic. The required garter belt adds an extra feminine touch.

What different types and style of stockings do you offer?

We have over 40 different styles in various colors and color combinations:

  • Fully Fashioned Stockings - authentic seamed nylons in a 15 denier (ultra sheer) and a 10 denier (super ultra sheer)
  • Vintage Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings – circular knit (without a back seam) in patterns, dots, basic colors
  • Thigh Highs or Lace Tops – exquisite lace with Vintage Reinforced Heel and Toe, in both gartered and not-gartered varieties
  • Curvy Lace Top Stockings – exquisite lace with a lycra leg to accommodate a larger size range

Why should brides (and women everywhere) consider returning to the vintage aesthetic of stockings?

Every time we speak to clients, they tell us that their stockings make them feel super sexy and ultra feminine. When a women wears stockings she is the only one who really knows, and that makes her feel sexy. She also has a different attitude, which is projected in the way she carries herself. 

What other accoutrements (garter belts, girdles, etc.) does a woman need to wear when wearing your stockings? Are these things she could also wear under her wedding gown?

Garter Belts or girdles are a must when wearing stockings – you need them to make sure your stockings stay up – and yes, she absolutely can wear them under her wedding gown. Girdles will provide more smoothing than a garter, as they have a longer line. We have been in this niche market since 1984 and have developed many different garter belts and girdles, meaning a bride can definitely find a set that will work under her gown. We always use metal garter grips (six instead of four to help keep your seams in line) and adjustable garter straps for the perfect fit. You would be amazed at how many companies do not pay attention to this detail!

How should a bride care for her stockings?

Since these stockings are ultra sheer and 100% nylon, she will need to make sure her hands are smooth when she puts them on. We recommend putting a bit of lotion on your hands before putting the stockings on. Hand wash and hang dry your stockings between wears; there are several fabric washes that are fine for stockings – we recommend Forever New.

How often can a pair of stockings be worn?

It depends on how careful you are. We’ve had clients report back with dozens of wears, but you would need to be exceptionally careful for them to last this long. Since they are ultra sheer nylon, they run easily and must be handled with care.

Is there anything else a woman should know when purchasing a pair of stockings, for her wedding or for daily life?

Sizing can be tricky since we do not have lycra in our stockings. We have videos on our website and Facebook page explaining how to put stockings on and what to consider when choosing a size. Our sizing takes into account both weight and height – don’t be surprised if you need one size of stockings to wear with your girdle and a larger size to wear with a garter belt, as they’ll need to go higher up your legs.

Make sure your legs are dressed as well as the rest of you and add a little vintage, feminine glamour to your wedding day with a pair of stockings from Secrets in Lace.


-- Jaimie Schoen

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