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A Real Bride Goes to Fashion Week

Guest Editor and Real Bride Katie Carlson beams from the front row at Marchesa.
Dan & Corina Lecca Photography

Real bride Katie Carlson sat front row with Colin Cowie Weddings at the recent bridal collections for a birds-eye view into a week of wedding-worthy extravaganza. Find out why she is more excited than ever for her upcoming nuptials.

For any journalist attending day after day of fashion shows every hour on the hour, it can be exhausting, mind-numbing and perfectly normal to question your very own sanity, but the upside of attending the shows is bearing witness to the creativity and sheer beauty of seeing the best wedding dresses presented in each designer’s signature style in that moment. Fashion, so very often, is about a moment that is mostly fleeting and way too fickle, but is fabulous when you’re in it.

Our fashion-industry friend, real bride and official Colin Cowie Weddings Guest Editor, Katie Carlson, experienced some incredible moments with us, and for that we tip our tiaras to her. Katie’s personal style revolves around her day-to-day uniform of sheer blouses, skinny pants, flat shoes or boots and lots and lots of black. Remember, it’s New York. And while her eye is normally laser-focused on looks that are feminine but never girly, minimal and utilitarian, she shifted her cool, city girl style-mantra for dresses that were sexy, beautiful and elegant. Now, that’s quite a shift.

Katie’s overall impression of the bridal shows? She had a great time, and Katie shares, “I didn’t know what to expect from the bridal fashion shows. I knew I’d see tons of fantastic dresses, but I was really shocked at just how insanely detailed and beautiful everything was. It was an amazing experience to sit and watch the collections come to life on the runway. It made me even more excited to get married!”

Surprisingly, seeing so many dresses walk the catwalk in such a short time period was a big help to Katie. She was able to narrow down her likes and dislikes quickly like any good editor. Going in she knew she didn’t want a typical ‘bridal’ look, meaning no gowns and definitely not stark white. She also knew she didn’t want any kind of train on her dress and she pretty emphatically nixed veils and tiaras at the get-go, “No veil, no tiara. No way. Just not me,” she said.

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