Should Designers Toss The Bouquets At Fashion Shows?

It's Bridal Market in New York City and I am running from one fabulous show of gorgeous gowns to the next. The hottest designers are sending stunning models down the aisle holding fabulous floral bouquets. Unfortunately, almost every model is holding the bouquet too high, hiding the flattering waist line and important details.   What’s more, this is the image that photographers capture to showcase the collection.

TIP: I give this advice to every bride just before she heads down the aisle. Just before your procession, take a big breath, pull your shoulders back, hold your head up high and hold your bouquet as low as possible. This adjustment elongates the body, fills you with confidence and showcases that beautiful bodice you've been coveting for months.

So the question is:  Should designers use floral bouquets at bridal fashion shows or should the focus be on the dress and its silhouette?

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