Platinum Rings For The Colorful Bride

It's official! Vibrant colors are back and are hotter than ever. Why not invest in a platinum band that will last a lifetime and a colored gemstone that's completely unique? With the help of Platinum Guild International, we've rounded up our favorite platinum engagement rings and wedding bands with colored gemstones that will make your heart skip a beat!

SapphiresSapphires are a part of the corundum family and have been recently popularized again by Kate Middleton, whose sapphire ring once belonged to Princess Diana. Create your own heirloom piece with a Whitehouse Brothers platinum wedding band featuring a wave motif and blue sapphire baguettes.

RubyLike sapphire, ruby starts out as a pure, colorless form of the mineral corundum, but turns a fiery, passionate red with the natural introduction of chromium. Pair a ruby gemstone with a pure platinum band. We love the Blue Nile platinum ruby diamond ring with alternating round rubies and diamonds!

Black DiamondBlack diamonds are colored naturally by graphite or altered in a lab either with heat or radiation, so be careful when looking for this particular gemstone. Black diamonds may be trending, but platinum is timeless. These stacked micropave bands set in platinum from Martin Flyer are the ideal choice for the unique bride.

EmeraldEmerald is a green variety of beryl that’s classified by the intensity of the green color of the stone. Emeralds are less dense than diamonds, so an emerald will look much larger at the same weight- a fabulous selling point to your groom, if we must say. Platinum is very dense, so pairing it with your light emerald stone makes for one fabulous match. We have our eyes (and hearts) set on the Kenneth David platinum vintage wedding band with gorgeous emeralds and diamonds.

TsavoriteAlso known as a green garnet, tsavorite is one of the more rare garnets (and there are many!) as it needs unique conditions to form. Poetic for a bride who met the one among billions of people, no? Invest in a platinum band that’s as rare as the tsavorite stone. This diamond scroll pattern platinum wedding band from Fusaro Jewelry is timeless and unique.

--Keely-Shea Smith

*All gemstone information courtesy of Gemological Institute of America.

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