Choosing The Best Pink Makeup For Your Wedding

With Too Faced

Finding the right makeup for your skintone can involve countless visits to the beauty counter, a bottle of makeup remover and of course, a second opinion. While we unfortunately can't wipe away your history of lipstick tests gone wrong, we can give you guidelines and tips for finding the best shade of pink for your wedding day with the help of the renowned cosmetics company, Too Faced

What's Your Skin Tone?
According to our friends at Too Faced, skin tones are usually classified as warm or cool. Warm skin tones generally have golden or olive undertones, while cool have pink or blue. 

What's Your Pink?
Having chosen either a warm or cool skin tone, you can break things down further to find your ideal pink. 

Warm Skin Tones
Light: peach, golden pink
Medium: soft coral
Deep: orangey pinks

Cool Skin Tones
Light: soft petal pink
Medium: rose
Deep: bright bubblegum pink

Beauty Tips from too faced

  • Set every cream with a powder for long wear, whether your wedding is indoors or out.
  • Watch out for flash photography! Apply more product than you normally would and take a picture to test the look.
  • Avoid dreaded lipstick-on-teeth situations with a longwearing lipstick, blot once, then reapply. 
  • Stay away from heavy black liner unless you're going for a dark, smoky look. Remember, timeless will always be on trend! 

--Keely-Shea Smith

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