Pink is the New Black (Tie)

Thomas Pink, best known for modernizing the humble shirt and tie, is offering up some very special services for guys about to get hitched.

One thing women can agree upon is that there's nothing quite like a well-dressed man. Thankfully the powers-that-be at Thomas Pink have decided to share the love and bring sartorial expertise to grooms and groomsmen everywhere.

If you thought shopping nights were just for the ladies, forget that notion because guys can now get their very own retail therapy, Brit-style. Thomas Pink is offering grooms a new "Tie the Knot" shopping event through the end of 2011.

When the groom and his crew of merry-men book the free 1-2 hour long event, they'll get treated with complimentary champers and cigars while they learn the ins and outs of:

  • Pairing shirts with ties
  • Tips on how to fold and wear pocket squares
  • How to tie the perfect tie (from Pink's signature Four In Hand knot to a Full Windsor) and that very tricky, very elusive bow tie.

There is even a special Masterclass on how to iron a shirt--look out ladies!

It's best to book the event once the wedding suits have been purchased, and it might not be a bad idea to bring them along to ensure the best matches. Each party will be assigned a highly skilled, expert staff member to walk them through the nitty-gritty of ties, shirts and accessories.

Pink also offers a free tie for every five ties purchased, and monogramming for shirts and ties is available too (for a small fee of $14.00) and takes about a week. For the truly romantic, consider the emerging trend of monogramming the wedding date on the cuff of the sleeve or breast pocket (so sweet).

Check for store locations.

And for a quick bow tie-tutorial, courtesy of Thomas Pink's PINK TV click here.

--Juli Alvarez

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