Object Of Desire: “Why Don’t You?”

Channel Mrs. Vreeland in her Atelier Swarovski crystal tiara.
Courtesy of Diana Vreeland

In the true spirit of one of the greatest fashion visionaries, Diana Vreeland, and her insatiable taste for joie de vive, we’d like to join in on the fun…So dear bride, ‘Why Don’t You’ wear a crystal diadem perched on your forehead like Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra down the aisle?

Diana Vreeland made this short declarative query of “Why don’t you?” to her readers at Harpers Bazaar in the 1930’s, challenging them to “own, as does one extremely smart woman, twelve diamond roses of all sizes?” or, “wear violet velvet mittens with everything?” Decades later, Swarovski, in collaboration with Vreeland’s estate, now poses that same simple question to you with a namesake special collection of costume jewels.

May we suggest donning a little drama from the Diana Vreeland Legacy Collection and Atelier Swarovski honoring her half-a-century long career as a true fashion legend, inspiring legions of women the world over? Each of these bold pieces carries the aura of her inimitable, fearless style capturing her love for color, exoticism and beauty.

DV Cross Headpiece, by Atelier Swarovski by Diana Vreeland Legacy Collection, $920. Available at: www.atelierswarovski.com.

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