Object Of Desire: Our Lips Are Sealed

Lips go undercover with Secret Agent Beauty.
Courtesy of Secret Agent Beauty

Dry lips can be hazardous to our looks and our love lives. Newly launched Secret Agent Beauty has created a tiny yet powerful arsenal to keep our precious kissers smooth and smiling.

The Skinnys is a new, limited edition set of five potent lip potions that gently exfoliate, nourish and plump with vitamins, aloe and collagen. Their level 1-3 plumping glosses not only bring a delicate fullness to lips without that nasty sting but they also gently treat lips with a special blend of hydrating ingredients.

Kiss-Kiss Rendezvous Agent: Golden Spy is a clear, moisturizing gloss with tiny flecks of real gold leaf that act as an extra smoothing and exfoliating agent. Secret Lip Affair Pretty Pink Provocateur is a sweet, shimmery pink gloss with a level two plumping action. Each gloss boasts unique benefits in a totally non-sticky formula that soothes lips and keeps your pucker perfect.

Secret Lip Affair ,The Skinnys, by Secret Agent Beauty, $60

--Juli Alvarez

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