Object Of Desire: Mythical Beauty

Ray of light, courtesy of Korres.
Courtesy of Korres

The islands of Mykonos and Santorini share in the mythical legend of Greece’s Magic Light, which peaks during the halcyon days in the middle of winter. The light that is reflected off the Aegean Sea is said to be particularly brilliant and manages to capture the imagination and fire of beauty-seekers the world over.

Greek skincare and cosmetic brand Korres has developed two beautiful palettes that bring this coveted light to your face with a trio of contouring and illuminating powders that combine light-diffusing ingredients, sculpting shadows and a soft, glowing blush.

The Santorini Palette is ideal if you’re looking for a sun-kissed, nude glow with shades from cream to milk chocolate to a glittering bronze. The Mykonos Palette features warm shades that range from peach to soft plum to a matte bronze that sculpts and defines.

Don’t worry if you’re not jetting off anytime soon for that Mediterranean honeymoon. Now with a sweep of a brush, you can look like you just spent a heavenly week basking in the glorious islands soaking up all the magic that Greece has to offer.

Magic Light Face Contouring Powder in Santorini and Mykonos by Korres, $28

--Juli Alvarez

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