Object Of Desire: Like Butter

Fresh's Seaberry Restorative Body Cream is ultra-hydrating and full of anti-oxidants.

Whether you’re baring your skin in a wedding gown, bikini or party dress, dry, itchy, wintry skin is a no-no. Besides, it’s just plain uncomfortable.

Fresh’s new Seaberry Restorative Body Cream is an incredible, super-rich body moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin gooey or sticky, just amazingly silky smooth (we’ve know, we’ve tried it!). This ultra-hydrating formula, perfect for the cooler climes, is full of rich anti-oxidants, vitamins and soothing sea lavender, which gives this cream its wonderful, slightly unusual scent.

Seaberry Restorative Body Cream by Fresh, $28.50

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