Object Of Desire: Keep Calm & Carry On

Intelligent Nutrients’ DeStress Express will help keep your pre-wedding jitters at bay.
Courtesy of Intelligent Nutrients

The stress of prepping a wedding can get to the best of us, and since turning Bridezilla is so not cool these days, finding ways to deal with all the pressures can be a welcome relief. But what if you’re not at the gym so you can’t take it out on your kickboxing instructor or you don’t have the time for a soothing massage? Not to worry, the brilliant minds from Intelligent Nutrients have the solution and it’s small enough to take with you anywhere.

Destress Express is an easy, instant way to help bring that stress-o-meter dial back to normal. This mini, portable bottle of certified organic essential oils with a roller-ball top acts a clever acupressure device. A couple deep breaths refresh with a mind-clearing blend of spearmint, cardamom, chamomile, lime and vanilla.

Applying the roller-ball directly to key pulse points like the crown of the head or the hollow between the thumb and pointer finger can also instantly relieve your nerves and bring you back to a good mental place. Don’t you feel better already?

Destress Express Certified Organic Pure Essence Elixir, by Intelligent Nutrients, $40

--Juli Alvarez

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