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Renting Jewelry for Your Wedding day

Frost yourself in dazzling diamonds—without the bank-breaking price tag.
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Crossing “something borrowed” off your wedding day checklist has never been so chic. That’s because now you can rent—for a fraction of the retail cost of owning—fine diamond jewelry fit for royalty.

Certainly red-carpet stars have carried out this practice for years. Hollywood celebs often don gorgeous, borrowed gems to award shows. But today, a handful of companies are extending this practice to any woman who wants to look extra special on her big day.

“Brides are seeking a certain level of glamour for their wedding, but they are also concerned about their budget and financial responsibilities after the wedding,” explains Nadine Zaun, owner of, an online diamond rental company that caters to bridal clients.

“When buying real diamond accessories simply isn’t an option, renting diamond jewelry from Adorn allows them to splurge without the financial burden traditionally associated with wearing real diamond jewelry.” Zaun adds that while brides are the bulk of her clients, any woman (from the mother of the bride to even guests) can use her service to dress up for any special occasion.

Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this fashion secret that’s trending now for brides-to-be.


Fit jewelry shopping into your busy schedule. Since these vendors work online, you can shop 24 hours a day. When picking the item to rent, you just need to enter the date of the event to confirm availability. Then if available, input your credit card number to order the piece.

GET ONE-ON-ONE STYLE CONSULTATION, for example, offers free consultations with their style experts at 1-800-399-7401 ext. 104 where you get to describe the neckline of your dress or even email images of the actual gown, the bride’s hairstyle and even details about the decor to their experts.


While not all rental companies have the same policy on duration,, for example, offers one week, one month or even three-month terms. Explains Tiffany Ullian, fashion director of, “Some brides like to rent for a month so they can bring these items to final fittings or hair and make-up trials. And if you love the item, you can decide to renew for longer.”

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