It Suits You

Wedding Day Tuxes for Women

Sleek silk crepe from Douglas Hannant.
Courtesy of Douglas Hannant

We all know that women wear the pants, but now it’s cool to wear them right down the aisle.

“Chanel gave women freedom, but YSL gave them power.” Pierre Berge, Yves Saint Laurent’s partner in business and in life was referring to the classic tuxedo when he made this proclamation. In 1966, Saint Laurent broke the rules when he dressed women in the ultimate symbol of male formalwear, Le Smoking, as the French call it.

Women owe many a debt to the late Monsieur Saint Laurent. He took fashion to the streets and gave us ready-to-wear, made safari savagely chic, and mixed wild, painterly colors together among many other splendid fashion treats. But the tuxedo is a special one indeed. In a masterstroke, he took a sharp, masculine black suit punctuated with white and turned it into a sexy, scandalous and quite sophisticated look for women.

It was shocking back then, and somehow still manages to hold onto that androgynous shock-appeal today, particularly if the woman in question is a bride. But we subscribe to the motto ‘to each his own’ and if you can’t wear what makes you happy on your wedding day, then when can you?

So, you want to wear a tuxedo for your wedding? First things first, then. It’s important to discern if you prefer a feminine tuxedo or a more masculine, traditional one.

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