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Our infatuation with British style doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon and, with the upcoming launch of the UK-based Pretty Dress Company on American shores, we’re convinced that this is going to be a life-long love affair.

It’s no secret that the Brits have a way with style. Bold and eclectic, here’s a recent run-down of historical sartorial highlights. The late 1950’s saw an all-out rejection of the ‘mumsy’ look that prevailed in fashion when young women and men revolted, spawning the British Youthquake that rocked fashion, beauty and music and turned out to be one of the most prevailingly positive and wildly creative moments in contemporary style. Girls' beehive hairdos, cat-eye glasses and sex-kitten stilettos balanced out their Teddy Boy male counterparts with stylized quiffs and slick rocker style.

The Swinging Sixties’ fashion-forward folk went mad for mod courtesy of Mary Quant’s minis and the futuristic and revolutionary hairstyles of Vidal Sassoon. Shagadelic morphed into Psychedelic and ushered in the early 70s' Haute Hippies with Biba and Ossie Clark’s flowing frocks, fringe and freewheeling fashion.

Out of major political unrest and massive youth unemployment in the mid-70’s was born the Punk Revolution, thanks to the twisted team of Vivienne Westwood and the late Malcolm McLaren who together outfitted The Sex Pistols and outwitted the entire system of style. Hardened punks went soft with New Wave and The New Romantics in the Eighties. From that point on, it’s been one heady scene of style that continues to shock and inspire.

As a young new guard of English talent continues to dazzle and influence, The Pretty Dress Company emerges, mixing the classic British style tenets of the 1940’s and 1950’s with a thoroughly up-to-the-minute aesthetic. Fitted hourglass dresses that are tailored in all the right places make ideal bridesmaid dresses. Their Italian stretch viscose fabric makes the most of the female form while keeping the ladies comfortable all day--and all night--long. Peplums, fishtail hems, narrow pencil skirts, bracelet sleeves, swing skirts, lace sheaths and sexy pin-up silhouettes marry modern with retro for a chic, sophisticated new look.

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