How To Dress For Success

How To Dress For Success

The right wardrobe can help you get the job done. IF you come to work in baggy shorts and an old Grateful Dead T-Shirt, chances are you won’t inspire confidence in either your coworkers or your employer.  

1. It’s essential to look as professional as possible: clean, neat, ironed, and pulled together.

2. Dress well and appropriately, but also consider adding a personal expression of individual style. It could be a gloriously unusual belt buckle. It could be a wild scarf you picked up at a vintage store. It could be a bright red handbag. For men, it could be a nicely cut vest or a colorful necktie. Mix it up!

3. Bring something new and different to the table, and I guarantee that you’ll get yourself noticed. 

4. If shorts and T-Shirts are the accepted dress at your office, they should still be clean and ironed, just as if a suit were de rigueur! 

-Colin Cowie

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