Bubblegum, cotton candy and pale blush bring a sweet touch to Angel Sanchez's crisp designs.
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We posed a question to Angel Sanchez: do you dream in color? He responded with an emphatic yes. Which color? Why, pink of course.


Whispers of palest primrose, flurries of fuchsia and a dusting of hot-pink powders electrified Angel's purist collection of stark whites and creamy ivories. In a brushstroke of mad genius, the pop-art pinks woke us from our trance of airy organza, gazar and floating silk crepe confections.

Like sugary fondant icing, the gentlest of ballet pinks warmed architectural mermaids. A bold carnation pink gave voice to abstract hand-painted flowers on a whispy A-line. And with punk rock abandon, a wild magenta shocked his models' chic French twists.

Do you dream in color too? Will you barely blush, rule the day in rose or be bold with a heady haute-pink?

See Angel Sanchez's entire Spring 2012 Wedding Gown collection.

--Juli Alvarez