Gray Matter

Why wear white when you can make an entrance on your wedding day in a sleek and chic shade of gray?

A white wedding dress may be your first thought when it comes to your wedding gown, but if you’re looking for something with a little edge, we say go gray. Far from dusty or boring, gray lends itself to nearly every wedding style.

Choose an oh-so-subtle gray with serious sheen that barely toes the line between white and color, or keep it sweet by wearing a white gown festooned with gray flowers.

Lace looks luxe and vintage in gray, whether it’s printed on chiffon or embroidered with silver thread.

Simple silhouettes in soft gray are clean and elegant, just waiting to be accessorized with statement jewelry.

Keep the hue from looking cold by choosing a gown with gray tulle layered over peach and topped with a dusty rose ribbon belt.

Silver and gray beading gives a simple silhouette gorgeous graphic lines.

And if it’s drama you want, deep gray hues, a heavy dose of shine and a show-stopping silhouette will make sure all eyes are on you.

Who needs white, anyway?


-- Madeleine Hachée 

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