Gorgeous Skin on Your Big Day

One of the most important things for any bride is how they look on their wedding day. The joy and happiness of the occasion can give brides a natural glow, but the nerves and stress leading up to the big day can take a toll on your skin. Here are simple steps on how to get your best face for your big day!

Brides often ask me for recommendations of a skin care routine for the week of the wedding, but great skin is not an overnight process and takes time for noticeable results.  I generally suggest not doing anything out of the ordinary the week of your wedding, as some new products could irritate or disrupt your skin.  Instead, start a regular skin care program from the beginning of the wedding process, when you start looking for gowns. 

For those of you who are new to skin care, the basic process is as follows: cleanse, tone, and moisturize every morning and evening.  And of course, don’t forget to apply eye cream before you go to bed, and once a week try a face mask.   But the question still remains… how well do you know your skin, and are you taking the right steps to maximize results?  We enlisted French skin care line, IOMA Paris, for a little help to understand how to make your skin the most beautiful it can be. 

Jean Michel Karam, the engineer and pioneer behind IOMA Paris, invented an amazing “sphere” that photographs the various layers of your skin and produces 4 different images that show you how oily, wrinkled, sun damaged, and clogged your skin really is.  I went to the Ioma Paris counter at Saks Fifth Avenue, and was able to have this special reading done.  Boy oh boy was I nervous for the results!  Did I really want to know the truth?!  How bad have I been treating my precious face?

The eye-opening skin reading was interesting to say the least – I had a lot more work to do than I imagined.  Luckily sun damage to my face was minimal, but I immediately needed to control the oil levels and clogged pores that were damaging my appearance.  The IOMA Paris sphere printed detailed images for me to keep, along with a customized list of their products that would help repair all of my problem areas.  I was pleased to learn that none of the IOMA Paris products contain parabens, which are preservatives and chemicals found in many products on the market today.

I’ve been using my special blend of IOMA Paris products for two weeks now, and see improvement already.  When I apply the eye cream at night, it tingles and feels invigorating, and the oil and redness levels on my skin from the other face products, have lessened.   I would highly recommend making an appointment at the counter - they now offer complimentary mini facials, a glass of Champagne, and a one week trial package of product samples for brides-to-be and either their grooms or maids of honor. 

Insider Tip: use your pinky or ring finger to apply eye cream. Your index and middle finger are much stronger and put too much pressure on your delicate eye area.

Don’t wait until the damage is beyond repair, being radiant on your wedding day starts today.  Skin care is all about daily maintenance, good rest, lots of water and great products to help make your face the best it can be.   Set aside your guest list for one afternoon and do something good for yourself.  Here’s to shining as bright as a diamond!

--Alexis Eskenazi