Get The Look: Vera Wang

Spring 2013 Bridal Beauty Report

Vera Wang’s brides are divinely disheveled.
Dan & Corina Lecca Photography

Vera Wang’s singular vision for brides carries right through to her bridal beauty look. She is a firm believer in strong head-to-toe continuity and a catalyst for breaking down the traditional perfectly polished looking bride. Read on to find out how to get the look.

Vera’s dresses are, of course, extremely elegant and deftly designed but are also totally asymmetric, carefully distressed and unconventional in the carefree way in which they are worn. While each dress is painstakingly crafted in the fabrics that are layered and melded together, in the couture cuts and in the incredible detailing, there is a unique yin/yang in the stature of her bride, but also in the modernity of her bride.


Hairstylist Robert Di Cuia was responsible for translating Vera’s vision to the tresses of her catwalk girls. To balance out the strong, structured red dresses of this collection, Di Cuia managed to create a chic alternative hairstyle that is surprisingly girly and wearable.

Di Cuia elaborates, “The theme for the show was a romantic Renaissance woman, and the inspiration for the hair was essentially a modern Princess Leia who slept overnight in her famous hairdo.” Cool.


Di Cuia ‘rough-dried’ the hair to bring out its natural texture. There’s nothing smooth and polished here. By spraying Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray throughout and scrunching the hair, the locks took on movement and a drier, wilder appearance. He then pulled the hair into two low ponytails with a slightly imperfect center part. Each side pony was pulled into a loop with pieces randomly pulled out while securing the loops with elastic bands. These free pieces were left out to wrap around the elastics and others were left loose to work that distressed, carefree look.

Even Vera’s cropped-hair platinum runway beauty fell in line with this easy, tousled look, so you don’t necessarily need to have super long hair. For those with shorter cuts, give your brush and comb a much-needed rest  and remember perfection is out and finger-tossed texture is in.

--Juli Alvarez

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