Dress To Thrill: The Rehearsal Dinner

Setting A New Standard Of Style

Tomorrow’s the big day. Your gown, veil, shoes and accessories have been planned to the nth degree for weeks and weeks. But tonight is the rehearsal dinner and, oh, WHAT are you going to wear?

Like your wedding, the time and place of your rehearsal dinner will help define your look for the evening. A chef’s table at a four-star restaurant is going to require something completely different and more formal than a beachside barbecue. But no matter the place, time or venue, you want to look fabulous.

There are very few do’s and don’ts except for a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Do look like yourself. Wear something that reflects who you are. Just because this is part of the wedding tradition, it doesn’t mean you have to morph into someone else for the evening.
  • Don’t be overly sexy with a teeny tiny mini skirt, a super cleavage-revealing dress or something too sheer.
  • Don’t be too casual. This is the time to glam it up.

Other questions you may have…

Is it okay to wear white? We think so. The best way to pull off white for the rehearsal dinner is with a cute, short flirty dress, perhaps accessorized with black or maybe a sleek, cool white tuxedo if you love a more masculine look. As long as it doesn’t reflect the dress for the big day, then wearing white can be fabulous.

Is black boring? A little black dress is always right. But if you decide to go with black, then choose a dressier fabric like satin, lace or something beaded. You want to wear something that feels special. Try a one-shoulder or low back dress. Look for one fantastic dramatic detail. Add some fabulous accessories so it’s not too sober and plain. Save that simple black dress for a less important moment.

Is it crazy to wear bright colors? Absolutely not. This is the moment for strong colors and even bold prints. Every designer in the world indulged in color and prints of all kinds in their collections. If a full-on purple dress is just too much, consider pairing a bright orange evening shoe with a chic black cocktail dress--a small detail that sets you apart from your guests. A smart little skirt suit in a pretty color can also be an ideal option if you want to look polished and dressed up, but not over the top.

Dressing for your rehearsal dinner should be a fun experience. Take this opportunity to wear something in a bright color you look amazing in. Wear super-high sexy shoes that make you stand tall and confident. Make a statement with bold rhinestone jewelry and fun accessories. Just remember that all eyes will be on you tonight, so enjoy the moment in style.

--Juli Alvarez

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