Colorful Wedding Shoes We're Craving For Spring

Choosing the wedding dress is tough enough, but finding an amazing pair of shoes to match its beauty is a whole other challenge. The Colin Cowie Weddings team receives so many inquiries from brides wondering what shoes to wear on their wedding day, so we’ve decided to answer your questions starting with colored wedding shoes.

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and those fabulous Cobalt blue Hangisi pumps from Manolo Blahnik, brides everywhere ditched white and went Technicolor for their wedding day footwear. The Shoe Mint team says, “The white all-over cupcake silhouette can look passé  – it’s nice to see women finding ways to spruce up the most important outfit of their lives. A happy bride is a beautiful bride, so let go and have some fun with it!”

If breaking convention still has you questioning your bridal footwear decisions, remember: it’s your wedding day and you should wear whatever makes you feel like the fabulous bride you are!

--Keely-Shea Smith

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