Caring for Fine Jewelry 101

Courtesy of De Beers

You have the bling you’ve lusted for, now learn how to keep its luster. Read on for your brilliant guide to maintaining the sparkle in your finest jewelry.

There’s nothing dull about diamonds, sapphires or gold. To keep it this way, learn the ins-and-outs of cleaning and caring for your jewelry. As a bride-to-be, even if your engagement ring is your first foray into fine bijoux, chances are you’ll experience many years of gold, gemstones, and various other sparklers to reckon with.

“The best thing is an in-store cleaning from a local jeweler,” says Alan Woolff, VP Merchandising for, the premier online jewelry boutique. Woolff recommends visiting a trusted jeweler twice a year for professional care.

Of course, sometimes a piece needs a little extra TLC more often (especially if it’s an item, like an engagement ring, that is worn all the time). So, read on for a crib sheet on everything you ever needed to know about caring for your genuine articles at home.

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