Ask Colin: Fashion


I was always told for years that guests should never wear white to a wedding, because it takes away from the bride. Is that true? I found a beautiful, silk white top and wide-legged slacks that I want to wear at an upcoming wedding. Would that be proper - not only white, but a pants outfit?

Your outfit sounds beautiful, but in this case I’m a stickler for tradition – leave white to the bride and save the top and slacks for a different formal celebration. You could, however, pair the white top with pants in a different color or vice versa.

Regarding a woman wearing pants to a wedding, it depends on the type of couple and the formality of the celebration. If you know the couple well and they’re more modern than traditional, a fabulous suit or pair of slacks with a silk top is a great choice – think Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking”. If they’re more traditional, I’d recommend choosing a dress that is appropriate for the formality noted on the invitation instead.