Beauty Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

Kate captivates.

Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan shares the secrets behind Kate’s extraordinary beauty look.

We can all agree that Kate Bosworth is a beautiful girl. But her recent red-carpet walk at the Sundance Film Festival was a wow moment. Was it the red dress? The sleek high pony? Perhaps the ruby red lips (NARS, of course)? Probably all and none of the above. I’ll elaborate. She has this incredible glow that just illuminates her entire being.

Kelsey Deenihan, Kate’s makeup artist for this event, put the emphasis on Kate’s skincare which is instrumental to achieving flawless beauty for the big day and beyond. Deenihan’s choice? Votre Vu. Deenihan swears by Votre Vu and stocks her kit with everything she can get her hands on.

One of her favorite products is the ATTENTIVE Crème de Jour Sensitive Skin, which she massaged all over Kate’s face and neck. It’s a wonderful treat for your skin to spend a few extra minutes massaging a moisturizing cream into your skin instead of just slapping it on. The ATTENTIVE crème calms the skin and replenishes moisture, ideal for fresh, illuminated skin just like Kate’s.

Moisturizing the eye area is key so Deenihan used the TOUT LE MONDE Antioxidant Eye Gelée lightly around her eye area. A hydrated eye area also helps concealer sit properly on the skin, banishing dark circles and puffiness.

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