Beauty Checklist

7 Ideas for Hair & Makeup Must-Haves

Beautiful hair, fresh makeup and a relaxed demeanor will ensure that all eyes are on you on your wedding day.
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4. Trial and Error

A few weeks before your wedding, it's important to do a trial run of your hairstyle and makeup look with your wedding gown and accessories on. (Actually, this is non-negotiable.) 

The morning of your wedding is not the time to find out if you have allergies to your makeup or to learn that your hairstylist has some wacky vision of your bridal hairstyle.

5. Test the makeup

Be sure to test it under the same lighting you expect to have at your wedding, and maybe take a few snapshots to make sure you look good on film.

Put on your veil, jewelry, gloves or any other accessories to be 100% sure this is what you want to look like on your wedding day. Don't leave this to chance, it's worth the extra step!

6. Cut and Color

Book your hair appointments at least two weeks before the wedding. This gives your hair time to settle in its cut and correct any color mistakes if necessary.

7. Wedding Day 'Do

Wash your hair the night before instead of the morning of; it will look fuller and more glamorous. If you have a hair stylist, ask him or her to stay until after the ceremony to help you remove your veil carefully and give a last minute touch up if necessary.

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