Beauty Checklist

7 Ideas for Hair & Makeup Must-Haves

Beautiful hair, fresh makeup and a relaxed demeanor will ensure that all eyes are on you on your wedding day.
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It's not easy to achieve beauty nirvana, especially on the day of your wedding, so we decided to share our trusted tips to help you achieve your beauty best.

1. De-Stress

Consider setting up a massage the morning of the wedding. What could be more relaxing than taking some time out to clear your head and refresh your body?

Try a light-tissue massage or a treatment that uses aromatherapy to keep those wedding-day jitters far, far away.

2. Fingers and Toes

Freshly done nails always look best. Have your manicure and pedicure done the morning of your wedding. Do the same for your maid of honor; she'll love you for it.

3. Share the love

A hand & foot massage could be the perfect gesture for your bridesmaids if you have it in your budget. A little TLC goes a long way.

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