A Touch of Elegance

Why Adding a Train Can Make All the Difference

For a dramatic entrance, nothing is as breathtaking as a wedding gown with a fantastic train.
Rebecca Moses

As you’re looking for the dress, there is another thing to consider: the train.

In the Victorian era, a long train was a symbol of status and the longer the train, the higher the stature. The train came into style alongside the veil in the 1870s, and now many different variations allow you to personalize a train to fit your own individual style.

When thinking about what kind of train to choose (or whether you'll have no train at all), think about length, comfort, cost and the formality of your wedding. Do you want a long, royal train similar to the one Kate Middleton wore or a short sweep train for trouble-free dancing?

Many brides might consider a sweep train to be the practical choice because it doesn't need to be repositioned during the wedding, but choosing to have a long train can make any bride feel like a queen.

Read on to learn about the different types of trains:

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