Trinket or talisman? The new charm jewelry speaks symbolically to and for you.
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The latest jewelry craze gives every bride-to-be the chance to share her story with the world, without uttering a single syllable.


Who ever said accessories don't require deep thoughts or have hidden meanings? Not us. The hottest trend that keeps popping up on our radar, one that's guaranteed to stand the test of time, is Charm Jewelry. These clever keepsakes might be pretty, but don't let their shiny exterior fool you. Each ornament comes with significant meaning bestowed on the little dingle-dangles by their creators.

As the wearer, or giver, of these exceptional trinkets, you have the power to turn treasures into talismans by your very selection and belief in symbols and personal objects that represent important people and that hold meaning for the big moments in your life.

The Never-Ending Story

Want to show the world your commitment to your new husband-to-be? Then don Monica Rich Kosann's Saturn charm necklace. Saturn's rings are never-ending and are believed to be the original inspiration behind the wedding ring. Saturn signifies the eternal.

The Meaning Behind Each Charm:

  1. Saturn: the rings of Saturn, which is the god of time, are a never-ending symbol of commitment. The black diamonds embody the energy of space that surround Saturn's base.

Love Story

Designer Venessa Arizaga's White Wedding necklace was originally created and given to her by her husband on their engagement day.

A personal piece punctuated with symbols that Venessa cherishes, particularly the Bride and Groom charms that reflect the couple and sit at the center of the necklace, surrounded by other charms that represent faith, love, loyalty and purity. This necklace has a permanent home in her collection for other brides (or grooms) to enjoy as well.

The Meaning Behind Each Charm:

  1. Cross: something old. Symbolizes the family's past and continuous faith.
  2. Chapel: a home and the future of a new family's life together.
  3. Bride and groom: the couple. The centerpiece of the necklace, surrounded by faith, love, loyalty and purity.
  4. Blue square stones: something blue. The symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty.
  5. Key with St. Mary: an old keepsake.