A Budding Romance

Floral Wedding Day Accessories

It’s so easy to fall in love with flowers and these bold, blooming necklaces will be no exception.

Your bridal bouquet may not be the only flowers that adorn you on your wedding day. These new flowered collars are just bursting with color, sparkle and texture.

Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection’s hand-painted enamel daisies from the 50’s look as though they were just plucked from a country garden. How divine would they be if worn with a soft English-net empire gown, lightly dotted in tiny blooms?

Kate Spade’s black and white blossoms would be ideal for a modernist moment, paired with a spare, strapless column. A little zany with your Zen.

Your bridesmaids would delight in the hot color-combo of WA Studio’s faceted and cabochon rosettes. What a fabulous finishing touch to their flirty frocks!

Whatever your taste or wedding-whim, these buds are for you.

--Juli Alvarez

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