10 Minutes With: SomethingNavy

We caught up with style blogger Arielle Nachmani of SomethingNavy, who's currently in the midst of choosing flowers, gowns and guests. Read on to find out her biggest planning challenges and if she'll be going unplugged for her wedding day!

Can you give our readers some background on SomethingNavy?
Sure! I started my blog about 6 years ago after a break up. I was heartbroken, from that breakup came passion, motivation and drive. I post my outfits on a website and tag where everything can be purchased on my Instagram, I basically post my life. (I keep some things private though for myself, like my ring, fiancé and some wedding details).

What did you wear for your bridal shower?
For my bridal shower I wore an Alice and Olivia skirt paired with a Wolford body suit. It was my first time experiencing Wolford and they have some pretty amazing pieces! I paired the look with classic white Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Did you have an idea of how you wanted your wedding day to be when you started planning?
I had an idea and everything has changed while going through the process. Learning about budget and what I want to splurge on and what I want to save on has changed a lot. I thought I wanted to be bright and colorful, but I'm not steering towards classic white - I want to look back and not see trend, I want to see classic and clean.

What has the wedding process been like? Was it what you expected?
I think it's a lot easier than people warned me. I feel like a lot of girls told me it was stressful, tons of things going on, fights with the fiancé, families having opinions - but I have to say I haven't experienced any of that. It's been pretty smooth sailing and everything has been extremely fun.

What’s been the toughest aspect of wedding planning?
The list! There are so many people we want to invite, but we also want to keep a small number. My life is completely on display to so many people, I wanted to keep this day intimate and personal. I'm lucky to have a fiancé who lets me have my way!

How has your unique style inspired your wedding décor?
As much as I love the idea of clean, white, classic and simple, I do acknowledge that the fun trend part of me does need to be incorporated. I am adding a pop of color to the [theme]. I'm creating a super chic giant wall of flowers with my wedding planner that will sit behind my fiancé and I during dinner. I'm so excited for it.

Will you be Instagramming or tweeting the day of?
Great question, I'm still deciding what I'm going to do. A part of me wants to show all of my followers every step of the way, but another part of me wants to keep this super intimate. I might just do a little bit of both!

 -Keely-Shea Smith

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