10 Minutes With: Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan has the chicest midtown studio. Upon arriving, it was clear Naeem Khan and Colin have been close friends for many years. Relaxing on plush couches to catch up, the ever confident and smart Naaem was a complete gentleman with a cool vibe and an even cooler workspace. "Oh, we rock in here. We created this place like a party place." In our most relaxed and sincere 10 Minutes With, the brilliant designer reveals his take on bridal fashion, bouquets and why he's not ready for a colorful wedding dress yet.

Colin Cowie: Why did you venture into bridal?
Naeem Khan: I thought of weddings for a long time, but the timing was not right. I produce everything in house and I had to have right amount of teams in place to launch a bridal collection. We launched last year and the business has gone viral since day one. It was so natural because my way of designing ready to wear is so conducive to bridal… all the textures, all the embellishments, all the different details and elements I use. Brides, that’s your number red carpet moment and I’ve mastered the art of red carpet.

What was your big inspiration for your Spring 2015 collection?
I name my collection after cities. I like destination weddings. It’s an extension to my RTW because my client who wears my RTW is a global woman and she’s aware of what I’m doing. I don’t want a normal wedding dress. I learned that at an early age from Halston when he designing jumpsuits. 

What were your favorite pieces from your Spring 2015 collection?
The capes for me were very unusual. Imagine, instead of wearing a veil you’re wearing a cape. And all the hairpieces I did were amazing and very well received.

We loved your jewel glove. What do you think of bouquets?
I don’t like putting such a big emphasis on the bouquet. Another thing I find a tragedy, people make such big bouquets or the bride does not know how to hold the bouquet and then it becomes very odd. The idea of the bouquet is beautiful, but it has to be minimal. It has to be an accessory, not overtaking the whole thing.

Would you work with color?
For the moment I wouldn’t. I don’t want to experiment right now with strong colors, because I feel it’s going to be a very hard sell. The consumer is very used to the blushes, the beige, the neutral, the white. I have other things up my sleeve for what I want my bride to be.

Check out Naeem's Spring 2015 bridal collection here. 

--Keely-Shea Smith with Colin Cowie

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