10 Minutes with: Lela Rose

How did you end up in your profession?
I started a business in college making one of a kind pieces that I sold to stores- most notably Fred Segal in LA. I fell in love with working with fabric and decided to move to NYC and go to Parsons. 

What is the best part of your job?
We dress many women for special events in their lives. It is so much fun to hear their stories of how and when they wore the clothes. It is a real honor to dress someone for such special events and I get excited to hear about it every time. 

What is your favorite trend right now?
Pops of bright colors integrated with a neutral or black and white color palette.

Who, what and where inspires you?
I bike all over Manhattan and also get a bike when I travel. I find I am always inspired by something that I see and can quickly stop to take it in while biking. I draw inspiration from architecture, jewelry, fabrics, and even food!

What do you love about brides?
I love the history that a wedding creates. I love the story that came before and the future that will follow. 

What is the one thing every bride needs?
 A great support system.

What about a BRIDAL DON’T?
Don’t buy into trends for your wedding. There is a time and place to experiment with trends, but brides should err on the side of classic and elegant for the wedding itself. 

Finally, tell us a style secret that can make a wedding look magic.
A relaxed attitude and a bright smile.

Check out Lela's bridal collection here. 

--Melissa Hammam