10 Minutes With: Frank Body Co-Founder Jess Hatzis

Let’s be frank here, we are obsessed with everything Frank Body! We’re sure you’ve taken notice of the thousands of people who are raving about the Frank Body coffee body scrub that resembles what you might look like after rolling in a pile of dirt. Well, there’s a reason this Australian-made company’s products are so popular – they really work! We were lucky enough to sit down with Frank Body co-founder Jess Hatzis to discuss all the dirty details of the brand. Prepare for a serious coffee-scrub buzz!

What sparked the idea to start Frank Body?

It all began in 2013 through a series of fortunate events. Frank Body co-founder Steve Rowley, who owns a few cafes in Melbourne, had a customer ask to take home some coffee grinds. After a while he grew curious as to what they were using it for, and as it turned out, they were using it as a body exfoliator. At the same time, all five co-founders were looking to develop a product (and brand) within the beauty and fitness industry to market through social media. After some research, the team came to find that coffee scrubs were attributed to relieving many skin conditions, and although there were a lot of DIY recipes online, no one was selling a coffee scrub as a product. 

Summer is in full swing here! How do you recommend getting your skin ready for long days at the beach? 

I wish I was spending long days at the beach - we’ve just entered winter in Australia and I’m covered from head to toe. But, if I was about to hit the beach, I’d be doing three things:

- Scrubbing twice a week with our Coconut Coffee Scrub. It’s made with a blend of Robusta coffee to buff away dry skin and promote a smooth, glowing complexion as well as natural oils, including coconut, to keep skin hydrated and supple. I’m addicted.
- Use our coffee-based Body Balm every day after I’ve been in the sun to replenish lost moisture.
- Ditch my makeup bag and wear SPF all day.

We think our brides will love your products (if they don't already)! Is there any one in particular that brides should definitely use before their big day?

If you’re going to have a spray tan before the big day, get ready with our range of coffee scrubs: they prep your skin really well so that you achieve an even, golden glow. Even if you’re not planning on using a tan, our coffee scrubs remove dry skin, leaving your complexion looking smooth and even. And of course our Lip Duo: a coffee-based lip scrub and lip balm that keep your lips soft and smooth, ready for the big kiss. They’re a great size to keep in your bridesmaids bag so you can keep using them throughout the day, and at only $14.95 for the pair they’re a no-brainer.

Which Frank Body product is an absolute must-have? 

The Original Coffee Scrub is our most popular product around the world – and for good reason, this guy will have your skin feeling soft and smoother after your very first scrub session. Featuring a combination of natural ingredients including Robusta Coffee Beans, cold-pressed sweet almond oil and orange essence the ingredients scrub away dry, flakey skin, as well as targeting pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring. 

What’s your favorite part about your job? Beyond the endless samples, of course…

The endless samples are pretty great. As creative director developing new content, campaign and product ideas for the brand is definitely my favorite thing to do. Basically – daydreaming. Unfortunately my hectic meeting schedule wins sometimes. 

Do Frank Body products work on all skin types? Of all ages?

We use natural ingredients and we work very closely with our team of chemists to always push the boundaries and develop a really great range of coffee-based skincare. Our products are suitable for most skin types, however those with nut allergies should be careful as we use a lot of nut based oils in our products because of their great healing and hydrating qualities. We made our Coconut Coffee Scrub specifically for babes with nut allergies & sensitive skin.

I’m sure you test countless products – are there any that never made it to store shelves?
We can have up to four different products being created and tested at any one time and there have definitely been some products that didn’t make the cut because we were not happy with the formulation or don’t think it is right for our audience. Our team of babes in the office test the products and provide feedback throughout the lengthy process, with so many people trialing the products we have many opinions being taken into consideration and many changes to the formulation are made until we are happy with the result.  We can have up to ten different formulations created before we nail the final product. Natural skincare is hard work.

Which products would be fun for brides to give their bridesmaids?

We recently launched the Grind High Club, a limited edition kit which features four mini coffee scrubs, in all four varieties - Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint - all in one reusable paper satchel. They are the perfect size to travel with, or great for babes who can’t decide which scrub to try first. Each one will exfoliate, soften, moisturise and perk up skin. 

Any grooming tips for our lovely brides’ grooms?

Men, it’s nice when you look after yourselves. We think there’s not better way to do it then a dirty scrub session with your bride to be. Check out #CouplesWhoScrubTogetherStayTogether

Okay, if you couldn't tell already, we’re fan girls. Where can we buy it?! Only online or also in stores? 

At the moment we are only available from www.frankbody.com. The best part about this is that we can ship to most babes within a few days, with no shipping costs. And they don’t even need to put on pants to purchase.

- Lauren Megerdichian

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