10 Minutes With: Fitness Guru Cassey Ho

10 Minutes With: Fitness Guru Cassey Ho

We caught up with social media fitness entrepreneur, Cassey Ho. Her website, workout DVD Pop Pilates, line of fitness apparel, and hit YouTube channel have launched her into being a role model of healthy living. As a gifted Pilates instructor, she encourages people to become the best version of themselves by exercising regularly and eating right. Cassey shared some of her insight into achieving that healthy wedding day glow you have always dreamed of. 

1. You have been the head of POP Pilates for years. How did you first get into Pilates and come up with the idea of POP Pilates?

I have actually been doing Pilates since I was 16. I wanted to tone up so I began doing Mari Winsor DVDs and instantly became hooked. I fell in love with how it sculpts and strengthens your entire body. So, I continued doing it into college and actually started teaching during that time. Eventually I began putting my own twist on Pilates exercises to make it more fun by choreographing them to upbeat pop music! I found it really cool to connect the attitude of dance and energy of music with Pilates moves. It seriously takes classical Pilates to a whole new level. That’s how POP Pilates began and I’ve now been teaching for 10 years!

2. Every girl dreams of the day they walk down the aisle, and everyone wants to look their best. How do you get motivated to workout, eat right, and live a healthier lifestyle?

If it’s something you really want to do, then you’ll make it happen no matter what. You need to make sure that your mind, body and goals are all aligned so you set yourself up for success. Make fitness and eating clean a habit because it truly should be a lifestyle – not a fad. Stay consistent, positive and patient and you’ll reach your goals.

3. What is the key to setting yourself up for success? 

In order to be successful, you need to ACT. Don’t just dream about getting fit and healthy, DO something about it! Set a goal and make sure that you’re always progressing towards it. Work hard, stay consistent, surround yourself with positivity and you WILL succeed.

4. For brides that are planning to rock a strapless dress, what workout would you recommend to ensure arms are looking nice and toned? 

Here is a 6-minute arm workout that doesn’t even need any equipment! But don’t be fooled, because it’s intense and you will burn like crazy– in a good way! You will tone up your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back to look lean and sculpted for your strapless dress! 

5. From the bridal shower to rehearsal dinner, our girls won’t just be wearing floor length gowns. Do you have a quick and easy leg workout?

This Butt Lift & Slim Thighs routine is everything you’ll ever need for you lower body! You will not only tone and sculpt sexy leg muscles, but you’ll also get a great calorie burn!

6. We can’t forget the honeymoon! What’s your favorite abs workout?

My new 8-minute ab routine hits your abs and obliques at the same time to whittle down your waist and make those muscles POP! It’s a fun workout with some new moves you’ll love!  Your waist will feel stronger and sexier in no time!

7. Do you have any tricks for staying motivated and not skipping a workout?

Schedule your workouts into your life like you would schedule anything else. Make them a priority and stick with it. If it means waking up an hour earlier, or going to bed an hour later – fit it into your day. It’s so easy to skip a workout, but just remember how good you’ll feel after and how each workout is one step closer to your goals.

8. People always say the key is cardio, and they end up spending hours slaving away on the elliptical or treadmill. Are there other ways to make sure you get your cardio in for the day?

There are so many forms of cardio to fit into your routine! The most important thing is to find something that you enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like work. For me, I love to dance! It doesn’t feel like I’m exercising because I’m having so much fun. Another idea is HIIT (high intensity interval training). These are shorter workouts that will get you sweating like crazy and actually boost your metabolism for the rest of the day! Try this Train Insane HIIT workout that is perfect for any fitness level.

9. Nothing gets you going more than music. What’s your go-to workout playlist?

I love the top pop hits playlists on Spotify. Here is my current July class playlist:

10. A lot of brides try a plethora of diets leading up to their wedding day. What are a few guidelines to stick by when brides are trying to eat healthier?

Eat as clean as possible. This means less processed and packaged items and more whole foods. Load up on veggies, fruits, lean proteins, nuts and seeds. Always make sure you’re eating enough protein throughout the day to stay full and curb cravings. Also, drink LOTS of water. This will help flatten your tummy by cleansing out all the extra sodium and toxins you’re holding onto. It also helps control hunger and will leave your skin glowing for your special day.   

11. What’s your favorite go-to meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

For breakfast I love my 2-ingredient banana pancakes. All you need is one banana and 2 eggs, mash them together and cook. It’s super quick and healthy!

Since I’m always busy and working during the day I need something that I can take on the go with me. I’ll usually have a smoothie for lunch that’s loaded with fresh fruit (my favourite is bananas and strawberries), Greek yogurt for protein and a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s so filling and a great energy booster! 

For dinner, I am HUGE on salads. I love having a big plate full of greens, fresh veggies, and avocado, all paired with a lean chicken breast. So delicious, fresh and clean.

12. Do you have any other workout or healthy living advice for brides getting ready for their big day?

No matter how you look, or what size you are, what truly matters is how you FEEL. I always say that the best thing you can wear is confidence. So, just focus on being healthy, happy and confident and you’ll have the most amazing day of your life. 

-Summer Stevens

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