10 Minutes with Amanda Russell

Fitness & Lifestyle Expert

Many brides would argue that choosing their wedding dress is one of the most important decisions they make during the wedding planning process. But what good is the time and energy you put into finding your ideal gown if you don’t look and feel your absolute best when you put it on?

Fitness guru and YouTube sensation Amanda Russell knows how important feeling great on your wedding day can be – a recent bride herself, she’s got first-hand experience! And as an athlete and fitness expert who has competed at the highest levels, she knows all about the discipline and hard work you need to get yourself into shape, both physically and mentally.

Amanda is joining the Colin Cowie Weddings family as our resident fitness expert, helping you become the best version of yourself for your wedding day and beyond. So, without further ado, we’re so excited to introduce you to Amanda Russell!

The Beginning: Motivation and Inspiration

From a small town in northern Canada, Amanda began her career as a competitive runner in a roundabout fashion. As a young child, her parents couldn’t afford to enroll her in dance or gymnastics classes, so she found other ways to stay active. She used to have her parents time her as she did things like run around the house or race from the driveway to the kitchen and back to bring her dad his wallet.

When Amanda got to high school, the ‘cool sport’ was basketball. Because she’s naturally small and skinny, Amanda worked extra hard over the summer leading up to her first year of high school to become the best possible dribbler and 3-point shooter to compensate for her size. The coach, however, couldn’t overlook Amanda’s petite stature and told her she’d be better suited for crosscountry running (also known as the most unglamorous of all high school sports). But after spending so much time being self-conscious about her size, Amanda suddenly found an environment where being small and skinny was a tool instead of a setback. She broke a course record during her first race and was fueled by her beginning success.

Amanda had found her calling and, with it, a ticket to higher education and the U.S. She quickly became a powerful name in girls’ distance running, ultimately winning a full ride to the University of Richmond. For Amanda, running wasn’t about fitness or exercise – it was a way for her to get somewhere and accomplish something. She was, in her words, married to the sport – she spent all of her time running and thinking about running, working with her coach and getting herself as far as possible.

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