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Vera Wang

How does it happen when a designer decides to shift the pointed needle of fashion? Is there something in the air? Does it come in a dream? Or, is it some divine intuition? In this case, the designer happens to be one who is actually capable of shifting the way we look at fashion, the way we perceive style and the way we consider ourselves in connection to our clothes. She has given us that freedom.


But aren’t wedding gowns different? Yes and no. They are in the sense that this dress, this one special dress, is filled with meaning and sentiment for one of the most important days of a woman’s life. But also no, because if Vera Wang has taught us one thing, it’s that wedding fashion doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It doesn’t exist outside of fashion. It is fashion. And so is Vera’s Spring 2013 wedding collection.


White? Well, that is so yesterday. Today is RED. Gorgeous, juicy, rich reds like Cardinal, Crimson, Scarlet and a shade called Dahlia. Every woman can wear red, despite what some may think. Vera describes her reds as "boldly romantic, charming, protective and in celebration of love." We just think they’re spectacular.


The dresses in this collection are not just about color. They are also about fabric, texture and an unexpected depth. There are so many layers to these dresses you have to be careful, because you might just get lost in them.


Corsets are wrapped with tulle converging into a funnel neck, body-con mermaid. Skirts show themselves under A-line layers of tulle. Horsehair edges willy-nilly around asymmetric layers of a big ball skirt, hiding underneath are oversized hand-rolled flowers. Scarlet jewels (crystal begone!) set in blackened metal dance around bodices, rest on shoulders and play at hips.


If this is today, Vera, what can we expect tomorrow?

Vera Wang, Spring 2013