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Vera Wang

When you imagine colors such as celadon, charcoal, stone, dusty rose and sand, do you think of wedding dresses? Well, if you're Vera Wang you certainly do. In Vera's rarified and art-centric world, you view offbeat colors, contrasting fabric combinations and sweeping statements in volume as par for the course.


Every season we get a lesson that challenges our senses and forces us to think differently. This season Vera tapped into her love of dance, of Degas and of the Paris Opera. A true romantic spirit is unleashed in 13 (a lucky number in the Chinese culture) unique, amazing gowns.


There are fitted shapes, corseted bodices, big, floating voluminous skirts, sunburst pleating and plenty of curious asymmetric details. Fronts and backs share a synergy, but not a look. Covered lace bodice gowns still manage to feel sexy and body-con mermaids have a hint of the demure.


One glance is never enough for a Vera Wang gown, particularly her one-shoulder French tulle ball gown with an asymmetric peplum topped with an oversized tulle corsage or the ballerina ball gown in dense charcoal tulle with a swirling organza pleated train. Unexpected twists and turns should be expected at every twist and turn. Understated heads were adorned with supersized horsehair sculptures. It requires a moment to take it all in.


Once again, Vera Wang teased us with her masterful use of color, fabric and form and taught us that beauty knows no boundaries.

Vera Wang, Spring 2012