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Elizabeth Fillmore

Elizabeth's brides might appear sexy, fragile and naïve, but are in fact cool, independent and strong, much like the designer herself. Her Spring 2012 presentation of 10 perfect dresses left us smiling and satisfied. The collection, titled Woodland Forest, featured budding branch embroideries and fairy gowns that made their presence known in a quiet, sophisticated way.


A favorite is the Nuria silk poult gown (a signature couture fabric that is clean and structured) with a rich woodland-floral embroidered bodice and detachable tulle peplum. Elizabeth's use of distinctive French embroidered laces and crochet floral lace give an air of exclusivity and originality that makes these dresses look and feel fresh. Not to worry, however, her singular vocabulary of bias slip gowns, bare sexy backs and dresses with old-world draping were represented in several new knockout styles.


The pretty Ksenia Golub tulle headpieces with oversized silk flowers that were shown with Fillmore's looks were the icing on the wedding cake dress.

Elizabeth Fillmore, Spring 2012