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The Spring 2013 Christos collection is designed for a young, ingénue bride. Fresh white and off-white gowns with ribbons and embroideries in champagne and light metallics lend a magical touch. Weightless fabrics that look like mist keep the gowns delicate and oh so pretty.


It’s not easy to reinvent the wheel of wedding fashion each season, but Amsale serves up a lighter, sweeter, airier approach to the Christos collection than ever before.


We fell head over heels for her new floral eyelet dresses. They have the appeal of a pattern but remain light and lacy. The trellis point d’esprit gowns mimic raindrops on a window, particularly when they’re draped over bare skin, like the finale gown, it’s shirred bodice and sweet flounced sleeves tease the eye.


The Christos girl is not complete without her hair and makeup. A soft, slightly roughed-up bouffant is tempered with a naïve white satin head band. Soft peachy makeup gets edgy with a flutter of false eyelashes and a full, defined brow. Charming from head to toe.

Christos, Spring 2013