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Berta’s new Fall 2015 collection is probably the most intriguing and complex bridal collection yet. Epic will be the most suited word to describe it. With the use of even more different textures of materials and beadwork than ever before, this collection is a timeless creation that is as an ode to craftsmanship and brilliant design.

The inspiration for this collection came from many different eras and places: From the Greek mythology to old Hollywood, from the romance of Paris to the ethnicity of the Middle East and many more. As such, this collection stands out in its complexity & uniqueness new forms of materials were created by Berta, in order to reach a unique look, which was never seen before in bridal.

Each and every creation in this collection is a masterpiece. A quick look will allow you to easily notice the amount of thought and design-work that was put into each dress. Every gown is made from nothing but the finest materials, and is only handled by the most talented craftsman.

Berta, Fall 2015